Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Couple of New Purchases

I have a new little toy - a new lightbox. My old one was, I must admit a homemade job, and did the trick I guess, but about a month ago when I was using it there was a big bang and sparks shot out of the power point, and after my heart returned to normal pace, out to the bin it went. So the new one I ordered arrived today - why didn't I buy a new one sooner - it is so much brighter.

Also bought a couple of new patterns - not recent ones, but the cute little snowman stitchery and doll caught my eye. 



Maria said...

Hi Cheryl
I'm your Advent Swap buddy just doing a bit of 'stalking'! lol It would have been a bit scary when your homemade light box decided to 'blow up'. That new lightbox looks a great idea...I still use the 'hold up and trace on a window' sad is that!

Anonymous said...

lovely buys Cheryl,xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely new patterns. There will be no stopping you glad you didn't light your self up.

Michelle said...

Nice new patterns and love the new light! Will hopefully make things easier for you.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Cute patterns, are they Rosalie Quinlan?