Friday, 9 March 2018

I've Been on Holidays

I had a lovely two weeks away towards the end of February. The 40 degree days tested my patience but the fact that we spent the first week with my daughter and grandies in South Australia made it worthwhile. My grandson was turning four and starting kinder so of course Nan had to be there.  Straight home and down to the Mornington Peninsula for a lovely couple of days with our gorgeous friends Keryn and Ross. It was the best.  Finished the week and my holidays with a lovely three day stitching retreat. Never have I done a 3 day retreat before.  What luxury. Sit and sew and eat and talk ALL day.  Didn't have to lift a finger.  The retreat was run by Lisa from FignBerry Creations and Katie from Cottage Garden Threads, and while we did receive a lovely pattern and kit from each designer, it was as much about taking other things to work on and finish.

A few snaps from the weekend -

Our two projects - gorgeous zippered purse from Lisa and stitcher's first aid kit using an old dvd case from Katie,

Beautiful displays and lots of inspiration and yummy shop to make a purchase or two

The girls were very industrious.

Loved Lisa's new bom "Round the Garden Patch" - a combination of stitchery and hexies with a little applique.  This photo does not do it justice - it is stunning.

And look who I ran into there - what a lovely suprise - Raewyn from  stitching farmgirl blog.  So lovely to meet Raewyn as we had been partners in Chooky's santa swap last year.
And of course a purchase or three. The Patchwork Teahouse had a shop there and as she is closing soon fabric was $8 metre. Way too good to resist.  We did call into Patchwork with Gail B on our way.  I had never been to this shop before - amazing. We were there for well over an hour. Definitely worth a visit. 
Lovely Labour Day long weekend here so off again (I  have been back at work in between) to the coast for a few days. The weather is superb - 30 degrees at the moment - bathers packed, stitching packed, chocolate packed. Enjoy your weekend Cheryl

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Stitching Under the Air Con

Well a very warm 40 plus degrees down here for three days running, so impossible to do too much when I'm not working.  Watering the garden is left until 8 o'clock at night so stitching it has been under the air con.  Have bought three or four things out to work on -

I have been needleturning a circle a day onto a 5" charm square after seeing some of the lovely quilts Gail Pan made doing this.  I did have a couple of weeks off over xmas when things were a bit busy, but back into it again. Think I started in September and would have over 100 -

I have used the same backgrounds over and over but so far managed to not repeat a circle fabric. What does that tell you lol - way too much fabric. 

So in a moment of I don't know what I decided I'd do the same with orange peels.  This definitely won't be one a day as more preparation required, but would be nice to do 3 or 4 a week.  First lot ready to needleturn down today -

I did sign up to do Gail Pan's monthly "I Stitch" Club  - three cute little stitcheries to do per month  which is quite achievable.  The first three are done and ready to applique to their background -

Some stitcheries to prep today and I'm back to stitching my xmas bom from last year from FignBerry "A to Z of Christmas" as this year's is about to start and I'm only half way through last years.  Time to get a wriggle on.  Cheryl

Friday, 26 January 2018

Christmas Catchup 2

I did hope this year would go a little slower than last, but days are buzzing by and I realised I hadn't shown you the rest of my gorgeous xmas gifts or even what I had been making for special friends. 

My gorgeous friend Keryn is one very clever and talented chooky and she knows I love snowmen, so this is what she made me this year - isn't it adorable?  I love it to bits and can't bear to put it away so think I will be finding a permanent home for it so I can enjoy it all year long. 

Don't my friends know me well. Barb and I have done a xmas swap together for about 5 years now and this is the gorgeous wallhanging she made for me this year.  It's just gorgeous and it too is still hanging on my wall (do you think I'm a bit loathe to pack all my lovely xmas goodies away).  Not only that we both love tins and often do a xmas tin usually filled with a sweet or two -

This year's xmas tin Barb found in an antique shop in America and it travelled all around with her.  It's so very special and I feel honoured that she would do that. 

And then my gorgeous friend Michelle spoilt me with one of her beautiful hand made decorations she designs and I just love it to bits. It looked beautiful on my tree of handmade decorations and joined several others she has made me over the years -

Isn't he/she  handsome.  I do treasure these. 

Well at 41 degrees on this Australia Day we have had the traditional barbie lunch and I'm off to stitch under the air con. Cheryl

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Christmas Catch Up

I so love Christmas - having family visit, putting out my extensive xmas collection, including many special things made for me by friends, making gifts for them in return.  I again participated in Chooky's SSCS and my partner was Clare from New Zealand. I have already shown you the beautiful cross stitched decoration she made for me, but this was the parcel to open Christmas Day -
Clare obviously did some sneaking around and saw that I love snowmen. How gorgeous is this snowman pot holder - way too lovely to use mind, but he looks beautiful hanging on mu oven.  And she read that I would like to have a go and do some English Paper Piecing so very kindly included some papers and template for Lucy Boston, so I look forward to playing with these soon.  Thankyou so much Clare - so lovely to have you as my partner. Such a beautiful sewer she is. 

Now I was VERY spoilt by two or three special friends.  My friend Karen and I "met" doing a xmas swap several years ago now and we immediately hit it off and were like two peas in a pod we had so much in common, so we have continued doing gifts ever since and have since caught up several times even though I'm in Victoria and she's in Queensland. she never ceases to amaze me with such stunning and beautiful gifts and always me to a tee.  Check these out -

Gorgeous knitted plum pudding and stocking for my handmade decorations tree and the most gorgeous soaps you have ever smelt.

Love these two gorgeous hangers - they are quite large and made from beautiful wool felt with the cutest Santa buttons.

Not a great photo, but Karen also made me two beautiful xmas placemats with the cutest snowman fabric.  I didn't have any xmas placemats, so was perfect. Just had to stop hubby from spilling anything on his lol.

And if that wasn't enough Karen sent me the most wonderful selection of patterns and kits in beautiful wool (which we both love working in) - patterns I'd not seen before.How gorgeous is this.

And this beautiful one.

And love these two from 1894 Cottonwood House.

And absolutely loved these gorgeous Lynette Anderson xmas decorations.  I will have fun fussy cutting that beautiful fabric to make them. Oh which one to start first. thankyou my gorgeous friend - blown away with my gorgeous gifts. spoilt beyond belief.

Lots more to show you, but maybe I will leave that for the next post along with some stitching. Cheryl

Thursday, 7 December 2017


I have loved participating in Chooky's secret Santa over the past few years, and await with much anticipation the sending of my parcel to its recipient and mine arriving. This  yummy looking parcel arrived in the mail late last week. It was from Clare in New Zealand. We were allowed to open the decoration and the other gift us for Christmas Day.

Clare it is just beautiful and perfect for me with those little woolly mittens.  Your cross stitch is just beautiful and fine.  Thankyou so very much. I just love it.  I don't have your email so I do hope you read this.  I look forward to my other parcel on Christmas Day.

Lots of secret friend stitching been happening at the moment, so not much I can share, but hopefully soon.  Cheryl

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stitched in Time Class

I know you must think I do nothing but classes - it just so happens there were three I had put my name for close together.  This day was a lovely Gail Pan one - and it was Christmas - so you can't get any better than that.

Gail and Ramona with two of our projects for the day.

Gail's lovely cushion which is the project I stitched on the day.

Also loved this table centre with the dresdens - something a bit different.

Had to show you this hexie quilt from show and tell.  It belongs to Vicki Reed - she does some amazing quilts and is so quick. Think from memory this took her two months!!

And loved this -  alsoVicki's, but elongated hexies.  My photo does not do it justice.

Gail's circle a day quilt - or one of them. She needleturned one circle to a 5" background every day for a year. This is a blue one, but she has also finished two others using her circles. I've started - 2-1/2 months in and so far havn't missed a day - yet lol.

Another of Gail's scrap quilts.

Such a fun day and I did have a purchase or two. Will take a piccie for next time.  I have been sewing but mostly secret sewing at this time of year.  Cheryl

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Stitch in Spring Part 2

Loved this day at Port Campbell run by Gum Valley Patchwork. Here's the last of the photos I took -

Loved this little quilt of Anni's - bought the pattern.

Such a wonderful tutor.

As was Melissa

And there was shopping

And lots of inspiration. Anni's new xmas projects

And Melissa's gorgeous display

Had been dying to see Anni's lock of the month "Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs" in the flesh. Amazing - beautiful wool on linen.  Cheryl