Monday, 24 April 2017

Belated Class Post

Now looking through my blog posts of late I realised I had missed doing a post on a wonderful class I did before Easter with Gail Pan and her very special guest Bonnie Sullivan from America.  I was very excited about doing this class, as apart from loving Gail's designs I knew Bonnie did a lot of work with wool, which I also love.

I couldn't resist these new patterns of Gail's to work on during the year.

Some projects from our goodie bag.  Love the sewing bag from Gail which has a clear zippered pocket on the back. The zip will test me out, but I have the stitchery almost done.

She surprised me with her new Christmas book for my birthday - very yummy.

Thes were Bonnie's projects included in our goodie bag.  They are pre-printed on beautiful fabric ready to stitch and sew the wool pieces onto.  The one I am working on at the moment, and which I LOVED, is the sampler on the left.

A couple more of my purchases. How could I leave that snowman there lol.

And some beautiful wools.

And a couple more little projects to keep me busy - couldn't resist these xmas projects of Bonnie's. Was a wonderful day - in fact one of the most memorable I think.

And to finish - some more birthday spoiling I just had to show you.  My husband always says I always two weeks out of my birthday lol -

LOVE IT. Cheryl

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Some Birthday Spoiling

I had a birthday a week or two ago - just an ordinary birthday - but was very spoilt indeed by some very special friends in my life. 

My lovely friend Karen made me this gorgeous wallhanging in lovely wools - just love it and now have it hanging in my loungeroom.  She always knows just the right things that I will love.

And she had also made me this beautiful Easter basket wallhanging - just love it, and included some cute decorative pegs.

And if that wasn't enough she stitched me this amazing friendship heart on beautiful pink linen. I wish you could see the detail - so much beautiful work.

And because she's very naughty, she also sent me this gorgeous wool kit to stitch, as we both enjoy working in wool.

And these gorgeous Lynette Anderson spring ornaments to stitch. I hope to have some progress to show you on both these projects in the not too distant future.  Thankyou my gorgeous friend - your gifts are always amazing and special and I treasure every one.

Another wonderful friend Barb also knows me well I think. How adorable are these two bears. Love it Barb - thankyou so very much. They are just gorgeous.  It too will find a special spot in my home.  Barb and my birthdays are only a day apart so it's always lovely that we get to open a parcel from each other close together.

Another wonderful friend who always thinks of (and spoils) me is Michelle -

Look at that yummy fabric - I have already picked out a project for it. And also the most gorgeous notebook and beautiful lace.  Thankyou gorgeous friend.

Now I was so excited about this gorgeous tin I got from my very special buddy that you can't actually see the gorgeous and yummy French General fabric inside. It is divine and as much as I don't want to destroy this lovely looking bundle it will be put to good use on a special project.  And this is one more very adorable part to this pressie and it doesn't seem to have come out properly on my camera, so will be a photo to drool over next time.

I am very lucky to have you all in my life. Cheryl

Monday, 27 March 2017

Stitching Day

I was lucky recently to enjoy a lovely day stitching with friends and some very talented tutors - Libby Richardson, Natalie Bird from The Birdhouse and Katie from Cottage Garden Threads.  Now for some reason I didn't take a lot of photos - maybe too much talking going on. Not like me at all, but I can show you some of the gorgeous projects we received on the day -

The top two are Katie's projects - the old fashioned ducks on the wall and a little stitchery that covers a dvd case that then becomes a handy little sewing box.  The bottom two were Libby's projects - a cute little sewing basket and tag and gorgeous teddy cushion.

Natalie's projects were a cute little bunny zippered purse and a pincushion, which was the project I worked on during the day.  They are teeny tiny little suffolk puffs around the edge of the pincushion - about as big as your little fingernail. That will test me out.

This was the lovely pack of Tilda fabrics we were given to complete our projects.

My lovely friend Karen  had a birthday recently - thought you might like to see the little sewing folder I made for her birthday. Cheryl

Monday, 13 March 2017

Slow but Steady

Now even though I have been very slack in the blogging department I have been working away on a few bits and pieces -

I finished my little straw man block in wools - part of a mystery "Harvest" bom I am doing.

I hadn't shown you my progress to date, so here it is. Still a few to go. About to start on a lovely basket of juicy apples.

And no 2 star block was completed for "The Magic of Christmas"

And we have been taking advantage of these beautiful Autumn days at weekends - a weekend in Warrnambool - 30 degrees by day and lovely nights to sleep. It does get you inspired. And hopefully we can fit a few more weekends away with our camper while the weather is great.  Enjoy your week. Cheryl

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Catching Up

Well I have been away on a little break - just what was needed really and spent by the ocean with my favourite little people -

As my grandies live in different States they had a ball catching up.

I have been very slack on the blogging department since my return - but I have been sewing under the air con most nights -

Have prepped my next wool block in the Harvest bom - this is block 6 I think and is called "The Straw Man".

And have started to add the borders on last year's mystery block of the month "The Night Before Christmas" from FignBerry Creations.

Lots of stitching - didn't always keep up, but it's done.

And this is the first block in a free stitchalong before Chritmas called "The Magic of Christmas" - all different star block in red and cream or beige I've used. Started with the easy block - I'm not the best accurate piecer so we will see how we go.  Cheryl

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Well it's about time I showed you my beautiful gift from Raewyn, from New Zealand, who was my secret Santa in Chooky's SSCS.  I had no clue when I opened up the xmas decoration earlier who my partner was. So Christmas Day was the big reveal.

This is the most amazing block keeper.  So much beautiful work - just stunning. I love it. 

And Raewyn included some other lovely goodies - a lovely N.Z. tea towel, magnetic notepad, xmas tissues and some yummy chocolates.  Very spoilt indeed.  Thankyou Raewyn - LOVED my amazing parcel. Cheryl

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Spoiling From Santa Shez

Well I not only had Shez as my secret Santa in our Friends Having Fun swap, but she also spoils me with wonderful  Christmas gifts as well.  These are the last few days of the lovely daily surprises I had to open for our FHFS -

Day 8 was this cute little basket full of choccie frogs - well it was full when Shez gave it to me lol.

How cute were these pussy cat socks on Day 9.  You will see there is a theme happening.

Just LOVED this one and I'm sorry I've cut his head off just a bit but this gorgeous cat is made out of lovely wool with the cutest little snowman and saltbox house appliqued on him.  He is three dimensional and has a home on my coffee table.

Day 11 was this great hexagon folder with zippered section and pocket. Great for needles, threads and other bits and pieces.  Will be very handy.

And folds up to this.

And on Christmas Day I had this to open - just beautiful. I love it - very cute teddies in beautiful teacups.

Aren't they just beautiful.

And if that wasn't enough, on Christmas Day I also had another bag of goodies to open -

A pattern for a bag, a very cute heart ornament with red, green and white bells (just me), and lovely piece of red and white xmas tree fabric - can't wait to use this, and a very cute little snowman ornament (just me as well).

She also gave me this wonderful book - full of redwork snowmen to stitch. Can't wait to start these. 

A couple of projects from the book - very cute.

And then there were these two gorgeous tins and another gorgeous snowman decoration and a cute tray of gingerbread men, which is also a decoration.

Loved this beautifully stitched decoration - looks beautiful on my tree with the handmade decorations from friends on it.  And the cute little penguins is an iron-on motif.

Shez also made me this amazing project bag. Isn't it lovely. In my favourite gorgeous greens.  It has a clear zippered bag so you can see what's in there.  Love it - will get lots of use. Great to pick up and go.

Can't thank you enough Shez for all my gorgeous gifts and lots and lots of spoiling.  Cheryl