Friday, 26 January 2018

Christmas Catchup 2

I did hope this year would go a little slower than last, but days are buzzing by and I realised I hadn't shown you the rest of my gorgeous xmas gifts or even what I had been making for special friends. 

My gorgeous friend Keryn is one very clever and talented chooky and she knows I love snowmen, so this is what she made me this year - isn't it adorable?  I love it to bits and can't bear to put it away so think I will be finding a permanent home for it so I can enjoy it all year long. 

Don't my friends know me well. Barb and I have done a xmas swap together for about 5 years now and this is the gorgeous wallhanging she made for me this year.  It's just gorgeous and it too is still hanging on my wall (do you think I'm a bit loathe to pack all my lovely xmas goodies away).  Not only that we both love tins and often do a xmas tin usually filled with a sweet or two -

This year's xmas tin Barb found in an antique shop in America and it travelled all around with her.  It's so very special and I feel honoured that she would do that. 

And then my gorgeous friend Michelle spoilt me with one of her beautiful hand made decorations she designs and I just love it to bits. It looked beautiful on my tree of handmade decorations and joined several others she has made me over the years -

Isn't he/she  handsome.  I do treasure these. 

Well at 41 degrees on this Australia Day we have had the traditional barbie lunch and I'm off to stitch under the air con. Cheryl


Michelle Ridgway said...

How gorgeous is your frosty quilt and gifts from that sweet tin! Glad you liked your ornie. We were a tad warm and humid big swim before aircon and clamshell seeing. Dare I ask if it was an inside BBQ....sorry Mick lol!

Jeanette said...

Beautiful Christmas goodies. Love the snowman quilt, just gorgeous. Hugs,xx

kiwikid said...

Beautiful Christmas treasures Cheryl, I can understand why you do not want to put them away! Air con going all day here too.

Maria said...

Sew many gorgeous gifts you have received fro christmas from lovely friends...

marina said...

Love your new snowman quilt and hanging!
Very pretty ornie!