Wednesday, 30 October 2013

You May Not Want to Read this Post -

as it will remind you how close Christmas is getting.  But we had a hive of activity at my place on the weekend, bought about by three things really. Firstly, my two granddaughters were visiting, and my 6 y.o. grandie reminded me that it was hers and my tradition to put out the village and all the xmas pieces that lit up, so we set to -
The second thing that contributed to this hive of activity was a parcel in the mail from a dear friend Keryn, who some of you may know has a wonderful new blog selling her original Christmas pieces  Now Keryn and I go back quite a few years - I was trying to work out how long, and I would hazard a guess at early 2000s, and it was our mutual love of Christmas that bought us together.  Many of her creations grace my home, ooh and I have some new ones to join them -
Isn't he the cutest?
These will hang on my favorite tree - the one with the handmade decorations on it from special friends and blogging buddies. Now there were two reindeer - both were meant as a xmas gift for a "reindeer mad" friend, but decided I needed one of them lol.  Make sure you go and say hi to Keryn and check out her gorgeous creations.

And the final reason for all this activity -
I happened to pull out one of the several tubs under my bed that house my santas - now with all those eyes looking up at you, how could you possibly not get them out and hang them up after all those months tucked away? 

So you can see a busy weekend, and yah Christmas is coming. Cheryl


Keryn B said...

Well dear friend it looks wonderful and how lucky we have found each other again. Early
2000's surely we couldn't be that old!!!!

gracie said...

Wonderful activity!

barb's creations said...

Well I have to say I agree with you just too bad I live with Scrooge or I'd be pulling mine out as well....maybe middle of November wont be such a shock by then lol.
I'm looking forward to seeing more pic's of your Chrissy decorating and what a lovely tradition to have with your grandie :) Barb.

Susan said...

I read the post title, but I still had to look! You are so organised......obviously a huge fan of Christmas decorating.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How amazing is our lovely K

Anonymous said...

love keryn's xmas goodies they get me all inspired.
What fun you would've had with putting up your santa village and how nice that you have started a tradition with one of your grand-daughters,have fun Cheryl.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well that means I will have to start looking under my spare bed too!!!! Gorgeous Chrissy creations by them. Can't wait to see piccies of the decorating...hugs xx

Coloradolady said...

Just checking to see if you received the emails and the questionnaire to fill out about the secret santa soiree swap.

I can not find your email, and want to make sure you received the one I sent to you. I need that back asap!

Suzanne :-)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Looks like lots of fun at your place, displaying the Christmas ornaments is always a special time :)

EvalinaMaria said...

I love Christmas too!