Sunday, 27 September 2015

Secret Sewing and Some Finds

Think my camera is playing up -
It's taking funny photos. No not really - only secret sewing being done at the moment, so really can't show you too much.

And some more - think you will guess the theme from this one.

Don't often get time to go to garage sales, but we did today seeing it was such a gorgeous morning to be out -
I had been talking to Michelle about being a bower bird lol.  Just had to bring these goodies home.
And there was more - $20 well spent I thought.  Cheryl


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,lol,love your sneaky peeks,your work is always beautiful and boy what great buys you got,looing forward to seeing them,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

KERYN B said...

Are they coming here?? Love the scales they are really cute..

marina said...

don't think I would have left those goodies behind either. What a great stash.
Always makes me sad to see treasures being gotten rid of, the up side is someone else gets the chance to treasure them.
Not sure if you noticed but your scales are upside down? lol

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hey! Teddies on anything don't count lol! Lovely treasure...good to know the "bowerbird" tradition is alive and well xx

Michelle said...

Secret stitching looks fab!!! And I do so love your garage sale bargins!! I am impressed with your finds!! Happy stitching, M ichelle

barb's creations said...

I love garage sales and op shopping, we'd have a ball together! Seriously I don't think I could have left the scales there if I saw them first.....your secret stitching looks intriguing will have to wait to see who the lucky recipient is at Christmas :) Barb.

Karen S said...

Fun secret sewing!
You have some great buys here for $20.