Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Stitching Soiree

Off to Melbourne last Saturday for another adventure. This time the Stitching Soiree with Lisa from FignBerry Creations and Melissa from One Day in May.  Two in a week I can hear you say.  Yes I know, but they were both fantastic.  And this one was Christmas themed which we all know is my favourite stitching subject.

LOVED all the projects - here's the girls showing Lisa's cute felt decorations.

t\This is one of Lisa's called "Christmas" for which we received the pre-printed and threads for and is the one I worked on for the day.

Loved these also - the other two projects from Lisa. The "Bauble Table Centre" I think will be the next one I tackle.  Bought the kit as I love the fabrics and colourway.

But this could be the next project lol - Melissa's "Sweet Treats" bowl was gorgeous and I'm sorry about the blurry photo.  My camera was playing up as several of the photos with the girls and friends have not worked.

And "Sandy's Swinging Elves" was the second of Melissa's patterns and could be used as decorations or joined together via a button on the back and used as one long hanger.  Very cute and named after my friend Sandy.

And lastly this lovely table runner which I did get to trace on the day so ready for stitching when time permits.

Lovely friends stitching, or is that chatting.

and lovely Karen who actually achieved quite a lot.

And I was very good - I only bought a couple of small kits to go with our projects and the pattern for this lovely new quilt of Lisa's "Christmas Carols" -

Hopefully some sewing progress on lots of bits and pieces next time. Cheryl


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl it sure was a wonderful day,the projects were awesome as was the food ,this is my favourite workshop for the year,everyone does a tremendous job of making it such a special day,i look forward to seeing your project finished.

Jeanette said...

Stop showing me all these wonderful patterns. :) lol. I need to live another lifetime. Think i might have to move down you way so i can attend all these fabulous stitching weekends. Hugs,xx

Jo said...

You will have fun with these Xmas designs..

Anthea said...

Great projects there Cheryl... methinks you might be Mrs Claus in disguise... !

Michelle said...

Wow Cheryl not sure where to start?? Love it all.............fav my have to be the Christmas stitchery, may have to do some online shopping!! Enjoy!!!

Fiona said...

Excellent - such lovely projects - they will keep you out of trouble for a bit?

Karen S said...

I am doing a late catch up. These projects look wonderful. I think the swinging elves look like fun!