Monday 26 May 2014

Some Christmas Stitching

Yes a bit scary I know, but I do love my xmas stitching and as part of 1 Xmas Item a Month over at Narelle's blog "Pins and Whiskers" I have been stitching away on a favourite Rag-Tag Stitchin' project "Down Reindeer Lane". I have finished the last of the 7 stitcheries this month -
Cute aren't they?
Now to put them together. It's always fun picking fabrics.
The other Christmas project I worked on this month was a Viv's Creations bom. I have had the raw edged applique finished on "A Merry Little Christmas" for a while, so onto the stitchery to complete it -
I am stitching other than xmas if you can believe that. Will show you next time. Cheryl

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Mother's Day

A bit late I know, but look at one of the gifts I received from DD1 for Mother's Day -
She had bought it from a market and said "I know you sew, but I couldn't resist this as it just looked like you". Do you think she knows me well? And of course it is a Michelle Ridgway design,  and I've had the pleasure of  sewing many of Michelle's lovely designs.

Not much to show on the sewing front - lots of secret sewing being done, but I have been doing some stitching on this delightful Lynette Anderson design  -

"Mamas Wash Day" - a lovely birthday gift from my friend Karen.  Lynette framed hers, but I have a different idea in mind for mine when it's finished.  Cheryl

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Well Not Much Happening This End

in the sewing department at any rate, but life has been busy, so I don't have a lot of sewing to show you this week.
But did manage to finish row 2 of my "Sewing Angels" bom. One row to go.

And this little cutie is the stitchery for the Sewing Angel Pocket from the Stitching Soiree I attended recently with Shez and Sandy. I'm thinking I'll put it together using this sewing themed fabric.
And another block finished of the "Reindeers and Snowmen" quilt I've been stitching - not that this block is either of those, but am loving stitching in blue for a change from my beloved redwork.
And I couldn't resist buying Gail Pan's new "Simply Christmas" book - lots of gorgeous projects to add to the pile sitting beside me on the couch.