Wednesday 9 August 2017

What I've Been Up To

It is a month or so since I did a blog post. Not sure where the weeks are flying by.  Had a nice week off work and spent it in South Australia with my youngest daughter and her family. Our youngest granddaughter celebrated her 1st birthday.  Wish I could show you the videos. She started walking at 9 months and so very good on her feet.  And obviously watching everything her big 3 year old brother does as while we were there she decided she could scoot along on the scooter like he does. Just amazing how quick they grow.

Have been dabbling in many projects (as always) on the sewing front. 

Another two blocks done in my wool "harvest' block of the month - think that's 7 done now.

Scarecrows and pumpkins were  popular theme in this bom.  Each block was designed by a different designer.

And of course always plenty of stitchery on the go.  This block has been a long time in the stitching though.  I am stitching along (very slowly) with Fiona and Michelle on Anni Down's A Gardener's Journal and have almost finished the main house block.  But I have traced the next two to spur me along.

And a lovely gingie block from Michelle's book  " Holly Jolly Christmas" which I'm also stitching along with a bunch of others.  Michelle's gorgeous book is available via her blog  This block is one of my favs.