Sunday 29 June 2014

Gail Pan Workshop

This is a very belated post as the lovely Gail Pan workshop we went to was two weeks ago now. My buddy Shez came and stayed and came along with me - lots of talking and lots of fun. And when the day was over I didn't have a lot of photos, but Shez has posted lots on her blog over the last couple of weeks

A beautiful display of many of Gail's projects, including several of her new designs.

She had two projects for us to work on during the day. Loved this "Friends" stitchery.
And our second project was this lovely bag.
The end of a wonderful day. Will show you my progress on Gail's projects next time. Cheryl

Monday 23 June 2014

My House, My Home Swap

Am enjoying this swap through Mrs Martins Quilt Shop. We get to stitch something for our partner for each room of the house in their nominated colors. I showed you the lovely goodies I received in an earlier post, but this is what I stitched for Kerrie, my partner, for her laundry -
A peg apron - what a cute idea - a great pattern from Hatched and Patched, and it was fun to make.
I also stitched Kerrie this lovely Lynette Anderson design - love the quilts hanging on the line. The pattern was gift from my friend Karen, so I've stitched two - one for me as well.

Not on a sewing front but we have a fairly new "pickers market" where I live, and I enjoyed a visit recently and bought home some new treasures -

This plastic box of lovely old kitchen bits and pieces was just $8. A bit of a clean up and they make a lovely display.
I also bought this basket as it reminded me of one my mum used to have with all her sewing bits and pieces in it. I'm not sure if that was what it's original purpose was meant to be, but it does look lovely on my Singer sewing machine.
And I couldn't leave this Bendigo Pottery coffee canister there as it matches my tea canister perfectly.  You can see why I try and not visit too often.

Friday 20 June 2014

Lots Has Been Happening

over the last couple of weeks, but I will break it up into a few posts so I don't lose you by the end of it. Firstly a big thankyou to Chooky for helping me with my blog. Had not been able to access it from my laptop, so with Chooky's help did what had to be done and it was fine. Until in the middle of post my laptop froze and nothing I did could do would fix it. So another week went by - no laptop, so finally after a complete factory re-set (mind you the laptop is 6 months old) I am now happily back to blog hopping. 

I have been stitching this - starting  two weeks ago as  part of Friday Night With Friends over at Cheryll's -
It is a FignBerry design "Hummingbird Manor".

I also did some stitching on the Monday of the Queens Birthday long weekend with Jeanette from Jeanettes Place who had missed Chooky's chookshed celebrations and was having a little stitching party of her own.  So this was what I worked on on the Monday -
Part of a wallhanging that will eventually grace my loungeroom wall - a Gail Pan design "Cottage in Bloom". I'm sure I can fit a couple more things on my lounge wall, so was thinking this and definitely Michelle's very cute little free bear design that you can download over on her blog  She will definitely fit in perfectly with my house and all the bears that grace it.

 I also finished the top of a Gail Pan bom I had been working on, together with my friend Karen. The pressure was on to have it finished before Gail's classs in Stawell, but I didn't get it quilted. So here's my top of "Sewing Angels". You will have seen snippets of it over the last couple of months -
Have a lovely weekend. Cheryl

Thursday 12 June 2014


Just trying something out.............Hi.......

Thursday 5 June 2014

My Laundry is Looking Beautiful -

thanks to some lovely swap gifts from Kerrie, my partner in Mrs Martins "My House, My Home" swap. This month we had to make for the laundry or bathroom. This is what Kerrie made for me -
A very cute wallhanging - perfect for my house, as I love old bits and pieces.

And a lovely peg bag to match. But there was more -
Kerrie had decorated this shopping bag with Suffolk puffs and lovely old buttons - love it, in fact loved all my gorgeous swap gifts.

While at my retreat last weekend I did get to go shopping, and I was very good (well fairly good), as I only bought fabric for projects I was working on. Want to see -
The green, red and cream are for "Angel Wings", a xmas project I'm stitching, and the tea stain is a lovely color to stitch. 

Monday 2 June 2014

Chooky's Party

I had a weekend away stitching at a beautiful old homestead built in the late 1800s, but I did join in with Chooky's 2nd birthday celebrations with lots of others. I did manage quite a bit of stitching, but I mainly worked on this for the weekend -
Almost finished - was really happy with how it turned out. It's a lovely pattern by my dear friend Michelle from Rag-Tag Stitchin "Down Reindeer Lane".

Here we all are hard at work.
The girls from Quilters Harvest patchwork shop (who ran the retreat) showed us how to make a "Disappearing Pinwheel" - so we went from this -
to this. Love it - think I can feel a quilt coming on. Cheryl