Thursday 1 February 2018

Stitching Under the Air Con

Well a very warm 40 plus degrees down here for three days running, so impossible to do too much when I'm not working.  Watering the garden is left until 8 o'clock at night so stitching it has been under the air con.  Have bought three or four things out to work on -

I have been needleturning a circle a day onto a 5" charm square after seeing some of the lovely quilts Gail Pan made doing this.  I did have a couple of weeks off over xmas when things were a bit busy, but back into it again. Think I started in September and would have over 100 -

I have used the same backgrounds over and over but so far managed to not repeat a circle fabric. What does that tell you lol - way too much fabric. 

So in a moment of I don't know what I decided I'd do the same with orange peels.  This definitely won't be one a day as more preparation required, but would be nice to do 3 or 4 a week.  First lot ready to needleturn down today -

I did sign up to do Gail Pan's monthly "I Stitch" Club  - three cute little stitcheries to do per month  which is quite achievable.  The first three are done and ready to applique to their background -

Some stitcheries to prep today and I'm back to stitching my xmas bom from last year from FignBerry "A to Z of Christmas" as this year's is about to start and I'm only half way through last years.  Time to get a wriggle on.  Cheryl