Tuesday 14 February 2017

Catching Up

Well I have been away on a little break - just what was needed really and spent by the ocean with my favourite little people -

As my grandies live in different States they had a ball catching up.

I have been very slack on the blogging department since my return - but I have been sewing under the air con most nights -

Have prepped my next wool block in the Harvest bom - this is block 6 I think and is called "The Straw Man".

And have started to add the borders on last year's mystery block of the month "The Night Before Christmas" from FignBerry Creations.

Lots of stitching - didn't always keep up, but it's done.

And this is the first block in a free stitchalong before Chritmas called "The Magic of Christmas" - all different star block in red and cream or beige I've used. Started with the easy block - I'm not the best accurate piecer so we will see how we go.  Cheryl