Thursday 11 May 2017

Road Trip and other Bits

Recently a friend and I headed off on a little road trip. A favourite shop - Threadbare at Castlemaine is closing it's doors in May, sadly so a visit was in order especially with 40% off -

Now I tried to be good - I really did, and I even had a list but a couple of extras's may have come home with me.  On the left are some backgrounds which I am always using and looking for. The red may have been a "just cos" purchase" and the browns I needed for a Stitchalong I'm doing of Michelle's lovely Christmas quilt - they will become plum pudding and gingerbread men, etc.  The caramels and black will go in my husband's special "0" birthday quilt, which is past I might add.

Stitching wise I have been doing Lisa from FignBerries Christmas block of the month.  I am a little behind, but am enjoying these cute blocks.

And "C" for candy canes. Currently stitching D and E.

And I've been working on the projects from the Gail Pan/Bonnie Sullivan class I did. This cute sewing bag is ready to put together - think it's the zip that's putting me off lol.

Now I'm also working on another project with Fiona and Michelle - "A Gardener's Journal" from Anni Downs, which I've had for a long time, so with Fiona's encouragement I have dragged it out.  Now for some reason, which escapes me at the moment lol, I decided to work on the big house block first, so progress has been slow.  And I have actually done the verandah posts and the door since this photo was taken. 

And because I can't not have a wool project on the go at the moment I have finished block 3 of "Little Woolly Sampler" from Jenny of  Woollen Willow designs.  Cheryl