Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Day Out and Some SAL Progress

Yesterday I set off nice and early to Ballarat  to meet my sister for lunch (a good half way point from Melbourne).  We enjoy similar things, so beside a lovely lunch we managed to fit in a visit to a couple of antique/collectable shops. No new additions for me, but my sister had quite a full boot for the trip home. No time for patchwork shops today, but did pick up my 6 year old grandie who had been dying to spend a few days with nan.

I am sewing Girls Day Out as a stitchalong with quite a few girls via Sharon's blog  This is my progress - I am about three-quarters of the way through the stitchery on Block 2.

Big project this, so nice to have others stitching along as encouragement.  Block 1,  I couldn't find (hence I started Block 2 first), but it has turned up in the cleanup of my sewing room. 

Might have to have a little visit to a patchwork shop tomorrow.  Like I need more supplies. Cheryl


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Oh yes you must visit a patchwork shop tomorrow as I am sure that there is something there waiting for you :o) hugs

barb's creations said...

You can never have too much fabric and stopping at any/every patchwork shop is a given for quilters worldwide :) Barb.

Anonymous said...

have fun at the patchwork shop Cheryl and how nice you got to spend time with your sister.xx

Sheila said...

Lovely stitcheries , have fun shopping !

Fiona said...

thats a perfect project to sew with others... your blocks are looking lovely