Monday, 21 January 2013

The Clean-up Begins

I have been looking forward to having this week off for two reasons - of course to get lots of sewing done, but also to clean up this mess I call a sewing room.

I know it looks pretty bad - they are all little piles of things I've been working on. My Christmas also gets stored in this room, so I am halfway through putting this away as well (which creates a bigger mess, and I won't show you the other end).  I have been dropping hints for weeks to DH that I would love a largish cupboard with lots of shelves to store my WIP.  Leave it with me he said. Last Friday home he came all excited with a cupboard for me.

Didn't have the heart to tell him that it was a bit on the smallish side and I wasn't going to fit much in there, but it was better than nothing, so thought the only way it's going to work is to put individual projects in snap lock bags with all the associated bits and I can stack on top of each other.  So that's what I've been up to today, and the cupboard is almost full - not clean enough yet to show you an "after" shot lol.

I did find some lovely projects I've started over the years, and will enjoy finishing one day.  Also found this, which I had been searching for, for our stitchalong, all prepared ready to stitch -Block 1 of Girls Day Out.

Must admit I have been a little bit ruthless - anything I havn't looked at in the 13 years I've been here, then I probably won't and will take to the op shop.  Have a great week. Cheryl


Noela said...

It's good to have a clean up every now and again. You end up finding all sorts of UFO's you had forgotten you started. Hugs.....

Fiona said...

I always feel that I make much more mess when I try and clean up.... you will find all sorts of treasures forgotten about!!

Anonymous said...

you feel good after you have a tidy up and that cupboard will be handy as now you will know where all your WIP are,good luck Cheryl.xx

Maria said...

Good on you Cheryl! It's certainly something I should be doing and especially getting rid of items that I know I'll never make or use :-)