Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Some UFOs

Had been wondering what project/ufo to begin with in the New Year. Reading Sharon's blog ( has inspired me to go hunting for some old boms. Now I love boms and have several on the go (mainly ones with applique and stitchery), so would be lovely to get some of them finished. Sharon and shez are doing Libby's "Girls Day Out" as a stitchalong and I thought I would join them as this magnificent quilt is one of my ufo's also.

Now I'm sure that I've started on block one, but its not with the rest of the blocks, so is going to be interesting matching fabric if I can't find it.  (Cleaning up my sewing room is a priority during my week off shortly).

There is another one of Libby's which I also love and will put on my "to finish" list this year - "Teddy's at Play", and the list goes on - a couple of xmas ones from Viv's Creations and Lisa from FignBerry (Christmas I hear you say - yes I love xmas and will happily stitch xmas all year round), and there's a couple of Bunny Hill boms I really want to do, and a Rosalie Quinlan one I'm doing with my craft group.  Yes the list is getting out of control. Perhaps if I can work out how to do it - I should list them on my sidebar as incentive/inspiration.

But then there's always lovely new things along the way to tease and tempt. Perhaps I'd better shorten that list. Cheryl


Anonymous said...

love to have you join us Cheryl.xx

Melody said...

Girls Day Out is such a gorgeous design - I'm looking forward to seeing all three versions grow

Charlie and Wendy said...

It sounds like you have a lovely list to work on, I look forward to seeing your progress!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I am sure that block one will show. Your block 2 fabrics look the same as mine :) Have you spoken with a Maria about the stitch along? She has contacted me but I have no email for her :(