Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lots of Stitcheries

Well it has been so hot over the past few days, so have either been under the air conditioner at work or at home. Decided to trace a few stitcheries I had on my "to do" list ready to just grab and make a start when the weather is way too hot to do anything else.

And I had full intentions of showing you what I had been doing, but for some reason my computer refuses to let me download any photos onto my blog. Mmm very frustrating.  I have a couple more from one or two of my fav designers to still do, so hopefully can show you pictures tomorrow.  Then look out - block of the months next.  Would love to get three or four blocks from each of the ones I am working on ready to just pick up and sew.  Stay tuned. Hope you are managing to stay cool wherever you are. Cheryl

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl that has happened to me and i have bought more space from google for $2.19 a month,i am not sure whether that is your problem but it seems to be happening all over blogland.xx